In March 2012, government’s 3-year pilot project, the Carbon Footprint of Products (CFP), was completed and transferred to the hands of JEMAI in April. It was renamed as the CFP Communication Program with some alternations to improve the cost-effectiveness of the programme. Since then JEMAI’s labelling programme continues to grow without any financial assistance from the government.
The programme aims to visualise "carbon-hotspots” in a product’s life cycle as well as promoting the communication between companies and consumers with a view to accelerate the move towards a low-carbon society.
The programme conforms to ISO14040, ISO 14044 and ISO/TS 14067.

1.What is Carbon Footprint of Products?
2. Background and History
3. Assessment standards of carbon footprints, Database and Reference
4. CFP mark(logo)
Programme name The CFP Communication Program
Programme Holder Sustainable Management Promotion Organization(SuMPO)
Contacts ecoleaf@sumpo.or.jp
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