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The permission to use the CFP mark is granted through the three-step application procedures: (1) Selection of existing CFP-PCR or Development of CFP-PCR for a new product category (2) CFP calculation and verification (3) Application for registration and publication of CFP-PCR.
First, a company wishing to register its product selects a PCR from the existing PCRs. If an appropriate PCR for its new product doesn’t exist, the applicant company develops its own CFP-PCR. Once the applicable PCR is set, the applicant company conducts the calculations for its product in the application using the PCR and then submits the result to a third party verifier. If the result passes the verification, the applicant company may apply for the registration, and the permission to use the CFP mark is granted to the company. The CFP mark may then be used for the product on the market.

●Certification/verification processes

CFP quantification and a CFP declaration draft are examined from the following basic perspectives:
- Conformity to relevant rules
- Conformity to an applicable CFP-PCR
- Ensuring of traceability of data
The CFP Program offers two methods of verification; “Product-by-Product Verification” and “System Certification”. Both methods are third-party verified and equally valid.

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